Israeli Publishers Beware !

07.11.17 / Shai Wolstein to Walla News

The Knesset has passed a new bill that will impose Israeli Media from publishing sex related adds, thus affecting the entire publishing business.

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Civil rights struggle of the African Hebrew Israelis

31.10.17 / Haaretz

The African Hebrew Israeli community resides in Israel since the early 70’s. Despite their civil status as permanent residents and mandatory army service enrollment of all, they still struggle for citizenship and civil rights. Our Law firm represents many of the cases as well as many other cases involving immigration and naturalization in Israel.

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The Rabbi’s life was saved by the Court

03.02.15 / Ynet

The Tel Aviv district court has aquited a Head of Yeshiva that was charged with sexual assault of a minor student, by accepting the defendant’s testimony that he was blackmailed by several former students, who have falsely acused him.

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“My Dear Diary” – A breakthrough in ‘Netivei Israel” investigation

09.11.15 / Ynet

The police search in the house of a senior executive, resulted in finding a diary that documented numerous fellonies of bribery attempts, regarding project contracts.

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Bad Meat in Tel Aviv prime restaurants

21.04.16 / Ynet

Legal representation in the case of 570 ton of meat that was smuggled to Israel through the palestinian authority without proper documentation and veterinay supervison. The meat was sold to numerous restaurants across the country. The indictment was filled to the Jerusalem district court against the company senior executives and includes money laundering charges of 25 million shekels.

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21 versions to the soldier’s death

06.04.16 / Ynet

legal representation of the family of a deceased IDF soldier, regarding her suspicious death in the post of an army base. After an intensive private investigation, the firm filled on behalf of the soldier’s parents, a motion to appoint a special prosecutor- judge in order to reopen the army police investigation.

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Anti-corruption investigation of “Netivei Israel” company

08.11.15 / Ynet

Legal representation in arrest and bailing out proceedings of a senior executive of the company, due to fraud, bribery and money laundering charges, related to multi milion project contracts.

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