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Shai Wolstein

Attorney at law, Senior Partner

Expertizes in criminal defence, tax and money laundering fellonies

Attorney Shai Wolstein has 20 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, a member of the Israel Bar since 1997, graduated the Faculty of Law of the College of Management in 1996.

Attorney Wolstein expertizes in Criminal Defence Law, Tax and Money Laundering fellonies and litigation in all the Court instances in Israel including the Army Court. He is also member of the Anti-money laundering committee of the Israeli Law Bar.

During 20 years of practice, Attorney Wolstein has handled hundreds of cases in Israel and represented many Israeli citizen that where involved in criminal matters internationally, in high profile cases and in cases under gagging order as well.  Attorney Shai Wolstein is widelly recognized by his professionalism, dedication and excellence in the practice of law.


notable cases

Some of the high profile case handled by Attorney Shai Wolstein:

Defending senior executives in the “Netivei Israel” case in bribery and fraud charges.

  • Defending a senior executive in the case of the 570 tons of meat smuggling and money laundering of 25 million shekels.
  • Defending a senior executive in a negligent homicide case.
  • Defending a CEO of a construction company in a 10 years tax evasion case.
  • Defending a gas company and its CEO charged by the Israeli Gas Law fellonies.
  • Defending senior State employees and teachers in hearing proceedings due to criminal charges.
  • Defending a vehicle company CEO on National Insurance fraud charges.
  • Defending an Israeli citizen in the US in diamond fraud charges.
  • Defending an Israeli citizen in the US in securities fraud charges.
  • Representation of Israeli citizen residing abroad and charged with avoiding compulsory Israeli Army service.
  • Defending in sexual harassment cases.
  • Defending in national security cases.
  • Defending in Internet and Ciber cases.