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Yafit Weisbuch

Attorney at law, LLM, Senior Partner

Expertizes in Criminal Defence and Human Rights Law

Attorney Yafit Weisbuch is a criminal defence advocate with 22 years of experience, a member of the Israel Law Bar since 1995, has graduated Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law in 1994 and has a master degree in Public and International law from Northwesten Univesity School of Law in Chicago, USA.

Attorney Weisbuch litigated in numerous Criminal Defence cases, including severe crime trials, appeals to the Supreme Court, prisoner’s petitions, parole release boards, psychiatric hospitalization boards and also represented cases before the public service tribunal and the medical ethics committee.

Attorney Weisbuch litigated Administrative Law and Human Rights Law in numerous citizenship cases. During her long years of practice, Attorney Weisbuch has represented successfully, in many significant cases.

In the year of 2010, Attorney Weisbuch was appointed as member of the Tel Aviv Law Bar Ethics tribunal and currently resides as panel chairman.  She was previously appointed as a member of the Israel Law Bar Criminal Legislation committee, co-chairman of the Prison Service and Human Rights committees, and has represented the Law Bar in front of several Knesset committees.


notable cases

Some of the high profile cases handled by Attorney Yafit Weisbuch:

  • Defending a proeminet social activist charged with severe sex crimes, sentenced to 15 years of prison and aquited by the Supreme Court.
  • Defending a case regarding the implementation of the Israeli criminal law on foreign citizen regarding crimes commited abroad, the Supreme Court accepted the defendant’s claim and striked the state indictment.
  • Appeall to the Supreme Court against the parole release board regarding foreign citizen incarcerated in Israel, the court rulled that the prisoner is entitled to early release, cancelling the former discrimination between Israeli and foreign prisoners.
  • Defending in a severe fellony case, a defendant that was charged without due process hearing before the indictment, the Tel Aviv district court striked the state indictment.
  • Appeal to the Supreme Court regarding civil status to mothers of Israel minor citizen, the state appeal was denied.
  • Appeal to the Supreme Court against the state’s depriving Israeli citizenship from a foreign woman due to divorce, the court has rulled to return the citizenship.
  • Appeal to the Tel Aviv administrative court, demanding civil status to a Gaza resident married to an Israeli spouse, the court rulled in favor.